Thoma Bravo L.P., a leading private equity firm focused on the software and technology-enabled services sectors, has worked for 40+ years to deliver superior value to our investors and the companies in which we have invested. We have executed over 270 software platform and add-on acquisitions with a partnership-driven approach, which is supported by our set of management principles, operating metrics and business processes. We have established collaborative partnerships designed to drive innovation, operational excellence, and long-term value.

Our objective is to identify and work with an existing management team to operate a market-leading, fast-growing software franchise with high-quality and recurring revenue streams in a fragmented market, and that offers attractive organic and inorganic growth opportunities. Through our many successful software investments, we have accumulated a robust set of operating best practices through which we can provide a business with the opportunity to accelerate its growth and create significant value in a short time frame. We believe Thoma Bravo Advantage is well-positioned to extend our experience and operating practices to a potential business partner that is at an appropriate stage of corporate development to operate as a public company.